Learn about the platforms native governance token

IMPORTANT: Verify XWAP Token contract address is matching 0x4fe2598b2b29840c42ff1cb1a9cc151b09522a27

There are multiple fake coins imitating the original address

Ticker: XWAP

Contract Address: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4fe2598b2b29840c42ff1cb1a9cc151b09522a27

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

What is XWAP?

XWAP Is our native governance token serving a utility purpose towards our long term goal of building an ecosystem of decentralized products based around launching new blockchain projects

Having such utility:

  • Contributing to Presales for 25% less fees

  • Voting on the future of SwapX protocol

  • Getting exclusive deals on the NFT marketplace when transacting with XWAP

  • Staking it in the Jungle to earn more XWAP

  • Create a Profile and start building your portfolio of early project adoptions

0 Transaction Fees, Period.

When transferring XWAP, we believe all users should have full control of their tokens without being taxed on any amounts. Similar to how most of our competitors work, common projects launch with the misconception of funneling liquidity back into their holders balances whilst the amounts get pocketed.

How to Confirm XWAP Supply for yourself

To confirm that the circulating XWAP supply is correct,

  1. Head to the XWAP token contract on BscScan and see how much XWAP is held by the burn address.. That's the total amount of XWAP that's been burned (removed from circulation FOREVER, and impossible to ever retrieve).

  2. Then, subtract this burned amount from the "Total Supply" that BscScan shows.

  3. This gives you the actual XWAP supply.

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