How to create a Presale

Launch your project the correct way

Step By Step Guide

1. Go to the presales page of the Swapx website:

2. Make sure that your wallet is connected and that you're on the right blockchain/network.

3. Click on the Create Presale button to go to the presale creation UI.

4. Follow the form's step by step structure to fill in the data, starting out with your token's smart contract address on the blockchain.

5. On the final screen, make sure to double check everything as most inputs cannot be changed after launch, with the exception of social media links.

6. Click the final Create Presale button and you will be prompted by your wallet to create the presale, confirm and you will be redirected to your presale's page, good luck!


Q - When I click Create Presale I'm redirected to a page that says "This feature requires for your wallet to be connected"

A - This is a pretty self explanatory issue, simply click Connect Wallet and you should be automatically redirected to the presale creation page.

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