🖼️NFT Minting (Launchpad)

Launch your NFTs exclusively.

How can I raise funds with my NFT collection?

Say you plan on releasing an NFT collection with 10,000 unique designs in the collection, SwapX creates the bridge allowing anyone to purchase one of your NFTs.

By selling a limited amount of pieces (example 2,000 of 10,000) at a set price per NFT, you are prematurely allowing people to buy your NFTs directly from the owner.

It is in the collection owners best interest to sell out their NFT presale, in order to create a community behind the hype which will be eager to immediately list their newly acquired NFT on the public marketplace.

This is a common practice for enthusiasts, as people naturally get excited by being lucky enough to be an early adopter into a collection before the general public, as it usually implies an assured flip for profit.

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