How to withdraw the remaining tokens from your presale?

Sometimes a successful or failed presale will leave behind some tokens in the smart contract, this is how you, as the owner of the presale can withdraw them.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to the presale page as the Owner of the presale, you should be able to see a Manage tab at the top of the screen, click on it to go the management UI for your presale.

2. Click on the green Withdraw Leftover Tokens button in the Manage Presale section of the management UI.

3. A popup should appear with details about the action you're about to perform, click Withdraw on the warning popup.

4. When your wallet prompts you, make sure to confirm the transaction, then wait a few seconds for the transaction to go through and a green toast toast to appear in the top left corner indicating the success of the operation.


Q - The transaction went through successfully but nothing happened?

A - Make sure your presale is either Failed, Cancelled or Finalized, otherwise the tokens will remain on the smart contract.

Q - When I click Withdraw in the popup an error appears that says "PS-ERR-1041", what does this mean?

A - It means the remaining tokens have already been withdrawn by the owner of the presale, double check using a scanner website such as BSCscan to check if there are indeed remaining tokens.

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