📈Accelerator Program

Let us help you build your dream project

Unlike any other Launchpad, we actually care about you.

As cliche as this might sound, take a minute to learn more about why we strongly believe in helping everyone execute upon their vision.

SwapX was created with the goal to make crypto accessible to everyone, worldwide, without any restrictions, and with the aspect of decentralisation we are capable of executing upon that vision.


A lot of individuals have a vision but typically do not have the budget, resources, or ability to learn to develop and maintain a crypto project and(or) token within a short amount of time. Usually, without sacrificing an arm and a leg and risking your funds with untrustworthy suppliers this procedure can become very dangerous. It is becoming more and more commercialised for people to get into the crypto ownership space with little to no experience, and there has never been an easy way around that, until now.


  • Blockchain Smart contract development and auditing

  • Automated and manual testing for your already made smart contract

  • Website design and development consultancy

  • Professional product and branding consultancy

  • Scream marketing and social media campaign consultancy

FOR FREE.... If you launch through SwapX

You heard it loud and clear, we will develop your token smart contract and consult with you personally on your project to the utmost of our capabilities, and all you have to do is deploy your project through the lowest fee launchpad on the market, SwapX.

Join us as we continuously develop our platform on a daily basis and scale our team in order to sustain our long term goals of making crypto accessible to the world.

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