Is SwapX Safe?

Yes, SwapX is entirely decentralized and all our contracts are publicly viewable at Github.com/swapxco

What makes SwapX better than other DeFi platforms?

Simple. Transparent, Lowest fees, Continuous development, Community voting, Direct customer support, and our Accelerator program where we offer private consulting with project owners to grow their vision.

Is there a Roadmap?

Yes, you can view our roadmap here


How can I stake XWAP?

Dangit! You are a little early, Staking feature will be launched soon. Stay tuned for new updates by following our social media.

How do I connect my wallet to Binance Smart Chain and SwapX?

Create a Wallet

Why is my transaction failing?

🛑Troubleshooting Errors

How do I get airdrops?

Follow us on telegram as we regularly post community driven incentives - t.me/swapx

How can I report a bug

Simply email support@swapx.co - We reward people who report bugs in XWAP and BNB!

Where can I view smart contracts?

Our Smart contracts are all publicly viewable on our GitHub

How do I vote?

This feature is yet to be released.

What is the max supply of XWAP

XWAP has an initial maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens with the minting feature paused until staking mechanism is released. Read more here:

Where can I check statistics?

Here: info.swapx.co

Can I join the SwapX team?

Sure! Send your work resume to work@avant.gs

How can I create my own token

Join our free accelerator program

I cannot find an answer to my question, can I contact you directly?

Sure, feel free to reach out to us directly by emailing support@swapx.co

or join our telegram

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