🪙Token Presales

Launch a project today with SwapX's Token Presale feature!


Presales is the name of the service that gives you a way to start and manage a transparent on-chain token fundraising to launch your project. Collect contributions from supporters and if you raise above your softcap (and perhaps reach your hardcap), the token is launched on the exchange and the contributors get a share of the tokens relative to their contribution at a lower rate than that on the exchange.


Private or Public Presales

A presale can either be private, in which case only whitelisted addresses can take part, or it can be open and available for the general public! This is at the discression of the owner and can be modified up until the moment the presale starts.

Multiple exchange support

Token launches directly from the presale to our SwapX exchange or to Pancakeswap and we may add more exchanges in the future! Though of course we recommend using our own exchange we support giving users the choice.

Trustless and permissionless

Tokens are allocated to contributors, liquidity is added to the exchange and team funds go directly upon finalization to the owner.

Anti botting and Whaling

Each presale has max and min contribution limits to prevent micro transactional bots and over eager whales. Of course no measure is perfect so make sure you keep an eye on any project you contribute to.

Instant refunds

Got cold feet? Withdraw your contribution while the presale is ongoing, Or have it securely refunded for projects that don’t hit their target soft cap.

Full Control

you have control over every aspect of your project launch, from caps to limits to the exchange rate and the presale rate and the presale length down to the minute.

Anti rug pulling

While there’s no guarantee that a project is 100% genuine and every contributor is expected to do their own research (DYOR) and not contribute more than they are willing to lose, we have implemented an LP locking mechanism to prevent project owners from access to the exchange liquidity for a period of time after the launch, users are expected to check this timer!

Token Microvaults

Some projects may choose to have the users tokens held in our Microvaults for a period of time after the presale succeeds and is finalised.

This is often done to prevent a post presale selloff and to allow the users to HODL the tokens, releasing them periodically in the form of vests, these projects will declare the amount of vests they want and the deadline for the last vest and the rest of the vests will be split up between the end of the presale and that date.

So for example a presale with 4 vests and a 180 day vesting period will release tokens every 45 days. The first vest is released 45 days after the end of the presale.

Soft cap and Hard cap

  • A soft cap is a project’s minimum funding amount required. This metric is set by the project’s developers, and is the team’s way of specifying the minimum amount of money that is required for the project to continue. Soft cap must be at least 50% of the hard cap.

    • If a soft cap is not met, the contract refunds all purchases and the project is considered unsuccessful. (optionally, the project may proceed with however much was raised, even if the amount is under its soft cap)

  • A hard cap is the maximum amount that a project can be funded and can be thought of as a project’s goal. This ceiling is decided by the project’s creators, Any attempts to purchase a token that has already met its hard cap will not process or get refunded.

Minimum and Maximum Contribution

Whilst deploying a presale smart contract, a minimum and maximum contribution amount is required to be manually inputted during the configuration. This is reflected on presale contributors.

  • The Minimum contribution is the lowest amount of BNB which a contributor must deposit in order to be able to participate in the presale. Usually this rate is determined by the exclusivity of the project in proportion to the total value being raised, by either allowing multiple contributors whilst keeping the minimum contribution low or creating more of an exclusivity by making it proportionally higher.

    • Example, if the minimum contribution is set to 1 BNB whilst the presale hard cap is 10 BNB, then the total possible amount of contributors would be 10. This typically means that the project is held by whales having a high impact on the tokens price of at least 10% each.

  • The Maximum contribution is the highest amount of BNB which a contributor can deposit.

    • Example, If the:

      • Minimum / Maximum contribution = 0.5 BNB / 2 BNB,

      • Soft Cap / Hard Cap = 50 BNB / 100 BNB

      • Then the presale can have between 25 - 200 separate contributors

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