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Continuous Development...

A procedure we enforce is to under promise and overdeliver, therefore it goes against our ethics to promise delivering new features by a specific given date. Keep up to date with our latest innovations by coming back to this roadmap every so often, and be a part of our growth story.

2021 - July

  • Research and Development into Exchange feature
  • Initiating Front end development
  • Integrating Web3 functionality into platform
  • Deploying testnet Router and Factory Contracts as per initial testing
  • Research into Token Minting and Locking features
  • Deploying subgraphs for blockchain data indexing
  • Deploying Factory contracts
  • Deploying BSC Block tracker contracts
  • Research and Development into Presales feature
  • Analysis of industry leading platforms
  • Developing feature architecture


  • Launching private Alpha testing
  • Exchange feature Smart Contracts deployed to Testnet
  • Designing new Landing page
  • Preparing Marketing design presets (Giveaways and social content)
  • Setting up Gitbooks and preparing Guide through documentation
  • Research and Development into Presales feature
    • Analysis of competing platforms
    • Developing feature architecture


  • Exchange feature Smart Contracts deployed to Mainnet
  • Initial exchange Mainnet testing
  • Deploying new landing page and UI updates and animations
  • Search engine optimization and analytics setup Development of Presales feature
  • Research and Development on NFTs functionality
    • Concept design and sketching starts on SwapX NFT collection


  • Deploying XWAP token to Testnet
  • Deploying Presales feature to Testnet
  • Research on Token Minting Smart Contracts
  • Development of Lock/Vesting contracts
  • Collecting feedback from platform ALPHA users
  • Launching presales BETA testing
  • Optimization of Presales UI and Smart Contracts based on feedback


  • Developing NFT collection generator
  • Collecting feedback from presales beta users
  • Deploying XWAP token on Mainnet
  • Social media influencer campaign initiation
  • Collecting feedback from users
  • Beginning the NFT Marketplace development process
  • Deploying our native Token, XWAP to mainnet


  • Deploying Presales feature to Mainnet
    • Create and Launch your token public presale or private sale
  • XWAP Token presale launch
  • XWAP Listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Coinhunt, BSC Scan.
  • XWAP Token reached $13 million in volume within the first 24 hours and was #1 Trending on CoinMarketCap
  • Deployed our innovative second version of the Landing page
  • Running TikTok content partnered with creative influencers
  • Telegram reached 3,000 users through launch

2022 - January

  • Branded Merchandise (Hoodies, T-shirts, stickers) launched and sent out to Private sale entrants
  • Giveaways of XWAP, BNB, and our merchandise with partnering influencers
  • Presales indexing
  • API development
  • 50 BNB Buyback of XWAP


  • Indexing Service GraphQL
  • Deploying Staking Front end
  • Deploying Staking feature to testnet
  • Presale UI updated with new, cleaner look
  • New projects in accelerator program
  • Ad campaign setup


  • Collecting user feedback on staking feature
  • Publicly release exclusive previews to our NFT collection
  • Deploying Staking Smart contract to testnet
  • SwapX animated introduction publishing
  • Raising liquidity for $XWAP by 50%
  • Split testing advertisements


  • Integrating staking front end to smart contracts
  • Staking initial testing

... December


  • Designing Core Functionality
  • Creating User Experience
  • Designing User interface
  • Logic - Maths and calculations
  • Deploying Staking to Testnet
  • Creating and verifying Automated tests
  • Launch on Mainnet
  • Create $XWAP Staking Pool


  • SEO Improvements
  • Backlink creation
  • Referral Incentive
    • Designing core functionality
    • Deploying Referral + Bonus incentive program
  • Run Targeted Campaign
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • TikTok
    • Reddit
      • Comprehensive pages
  • Token Vaults
    • Design core functionality
    • Create Automated Tests
    • Deploy Token Vault feautre (Lock tokens)
  • NFT Marketplace
    • NFT Collection Browser
    • Designing SwapX Collection
    • Launching SwapX Mascots NFT Collection
  • SwapX Blog
  • Token Minting
    • Design core functionality
    • Create Automated Tests
    • Deploy to Mainnet

Our ambitious milestones

  • Growing our ecosystem exponentially more than our initial plan
  • Multi Chain Integration
  • Binance listing
  • Other Centralized exchange listing partnerships
  • Mainstream adoption for $XWAP utility
  • Establishing a community of love and creating a network of opportunity.