What is Swapx?

Lowest fee Launchpad, Transparent.

SwapX provides unlimited access to the blockchain by allowing anyone to create a launchpad, liquidity pool (fair launch), or even create and deploy their own token smart contracts. ↔️ Swap, Launch, Earn.


There aren't enough options to allow the general public to involve themselves in full ownership of the crypto space. Due to gas and other high fee platforms, the latest tokens are made expensive and difficult to acquire.


SwapX offers full ownership and transparency on creation and deployment on multiple types of smart contracts, whilst making the process accessible to anyone with little to no technical background. We incentive the launchpad ecosystem by allowing users to create, trade, earn and stake tokens without registering an account, for the lowest fees in the market.

A-Z Ecosystem

  • Launch a token or NFT
  • Exchange and create liquidity pools
  • Staking (Coming soon)
  • Create a Token (Coming soon)
  • Lock and create vesting contracts for tokens (Coming soon)
  • Browse NFTs on our Marketplace (Coming soon)

Lowest fees

We believe in a competitively low fee incentive through all services available on SwapX, making us the most cost efficient decentralized platform.
As we launch our operations on the Binance Smart Chain, this blockchain allows transactions to process with significantly lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin.


SwapX can be used directly through your wallet app unlike centralized exchanges that hold your funds and also require you to register your identity through a KYC verification procedure. Our users have 100% ownership of their crypto assets.


Unlike other DEX’s, SwapX openly documents and shares their operations structure publicly, keeping aligned with our vision of establishing a network of trust within our community.
We believe in the long term goal of creating a network of opportunity and becoming the largest multi-chain DeFi platform.

Tailored Assistance to Startups

Unlike any other platform, we make it our standard to consult with every new project launching on our launchpad and offer tailored development or brand growth assistance.
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